About Our Company

What we do

Its Time Remodeling specializes in the art of shower remodeling, utilizing the exquisite Samuel Müeller product to create spaces that seamlessly blend luxury, durability, and functionality with affordability.

Company Background and History

Its Time Remodeling provides realistic and practical solutions for homeowners seeking updates and repairs. With over 20 years of hands-on experience, our founder and owner, Scott Ulm, is directly involved in every project, bringing a dedication that stems from a fascination with construction since childhood.

Rooted in a journey from the Marine Corps to the building industry, Scott’s evolution was shaped by formal education at Auburn Career Center and years spent perfecting the art of remodeling with a custom builder. From sub-contracting to establishing a successful remodeling division within a local plumbing company, our founder’s unwavering commitment has led to the birth of Its Time Remodeling.

Our dedication lies in striking the perfect balance between value and quality. We are driven by a steadfast commitment to excellence, ensuring that every project reflects the expertise of a skilled professional.

In our pursuit of excellence, we firmly believe in the philosophy of Better, not Bigger. At Its Time Remodeling, we prioritize quality of quantity and craftsmanship over scale. Our commitment to delivering superior shower remodels with the Samuel Müeller product reflects our dedication to making a meaningful impact in every home we touch. Join us on this journey, where each project is not just a renovation but a testament to our unwavering commitment to being a better Remodeler, not a bigger company.

Scott’s journey

Rooted in a journey from military service to the building industry, our founder’s evolution was shaped by formal education at Auburn Career Center and years spent perfecting the art of remodeling with a custom builder.


Joined the Marines

With a strong devotion to country, Scott joined the Marine Corps, serving four years.


Moved to Ohio

Shortly after the Marine Corps, Scott moved to Northeast Ohio to start his life with his future wife.


Started Remodeling

Soon after arriving in Ohio, Scott began school and work at the Auburn Career Center in Painesville.


Business Formed

After two decades of remodeling, Scott formed his own company, Its Time Remodeling.

More about our founder, Scott Ulm

Scott Ulm, the founder of Its Time Remodeling, has steadily built a career in the remodeling industry. Beginning with subcontracting work, he developed his skills and a strong attention to detail. His practical experience led to a key role in a local plumbing company, where he helped integrate remodeling services. There, Scott focused on combining plumbing with broader home renovations, contributing to the growth of the company.

Through these roles, Scott gained valuable insights into the industry, shaping his approach to home remodeling. His journey culminated in establishing Its Time Remodeling, where he brings his experience to create functional, aesthetically pleasing living spaces.